Pastor’s Corner

Dear Friends of Longview Chapel, 

When I was young, I don’t think I really looked like either of my parents. Many people said I looked like my Grandma Heim, who sadly was killed in a car accident long before I was born. The older I get though, the more I notice traits of my mom and dad that I have received. My mom loved hearing and telling stories. I love that too. When she loved people, she loved them fiercely – nothing could stop her from loving you. I have been told I do that too. My dad loved music. I love music too. He was determined to find a way to fix things. I lean towards doing that too. Both of my parents were hard workers and people who went the extra mile whenever they could to do things well. I’m glad they passed that desire on to me as well. I was looking at pictures of my folks and realized I look and act like them much more than I thought when I was young. I belonged to them, and they belong to me, even though they have been gone more than a decade now.

When we belong to a family or a church or a group of friends, really belong, we change, and others change by us sharing time and experiences together. Our desire is to always be changing for the better – for more hope, more peace, more joy and love – all parts of what we will seek this coming Advent season.

The most important moment in anyone’s life, is when we realize we – and all that we are and have – belongs to God. God created us, redeemed us, and sustains us. God loves us even before we really “get” that we belong to God. In our belonging, we long to be closer to God and closer to Who God is and who God created us to be.

In Mark 12:17, it reads, “And Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” ESV

How clear are we that we belong to God? How does that knowing comfort us, challenge us, fill us and put us into motion to be a part of God’s Presence on earth right here and right now? We will be exploring more on how we belong to God and what a gift that is throughout the Advent season as we celebrate the gift of Jesus to us and to the world.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Donna

  • Pick up your Advent booklet and/or daily cards. Advent begins December 3.
  • Read for next week Luke 21:35-36.