We invite you to join us for our services during the 2024 Lent season.

Wednesday, February 14  – Ash Wednesday – 6:00 p.m. Service
“Setting the Stage for Joy” – Isaiah 58:1-12
Sunday, February 18  – “Persistent Joy” – Genesis 9:12-17
Sunday, February 25  – “Expectant Joy” – Mark 8:31-38
Sunday, March 3  – “Liberating Joy” – John 2:13-17
Sunday, March 10  – “Transformative Joy” – John 3:14-21
Sunday, March 17  – “Vocational Joy” – John 12:20-33
Sunday, March 24  – Palm Sunday
“Joy Everywhere and Nowhere” – Mark 11:1-11
Thursday, March 28 – Maundy Thursday – 6:00 p.m. Service
John 13:1-17 and Mark 14:22-25 – “Imperfect, Incomplete, Enough”
Sunday, March 31 – Easter – John 20:1-18  – “Glorious Joy”

Sundays: reflect on scripture
You’ll find a reflection on scripture and what it illuminates about joy.
Mondays: pray
While we hope that you pray every day, on Mondays you’ll find an invitation to practice a particular kind of prayer to connect to a specific aspect of joy.
Tuesdays: reflect and ask
You may choose to use a journal in order to respond to the provided prompt that suggests how you might direct your intercession to God.
Wednesdays: fast
Based on the prayer and reflection of the previous few days, each Wednesday provides a suggestion
for a fast. None of these suggestions are about fasting from food; they’re intended to help you focus on what you already have rather than on what you’ve given up.
Thursdays: reflect and thank
Write in your journal again in response to the prompt that suggests how you might direct your
thanksgiving to God.
Fridays: give alms
Respond to God’s work in your life by giving your time, talent, or treasure. Each Friday offers ideas
for how to direct your giving in a way that honors the week’s exploration of joy. You might follow
those suggestions, or you might choose a single organization, nonprofit, or community to support
throughout the season.
Saturdays: connect with creation
God’s creation of the world was an act of joy, and creation responds by rejoicing before God. On
Saturdays, connect with creation as your circumstances allow in order to learn how to “tell forth the glory of God” (Ps 19:1).