Pastor’s Corner

Dear Friends of Longview Chapel, 

In the message last Sunday, I mentioned my favorite picture of the Chapel is one that has a rainbow above and behind the Chapel. From the first time I saw that picture, it reminded me of God’s promise of love and care to all people and the work God has done in and through the people of the Chapel for over 100 years. With the help of a special detective, I found the picture again to share with you.

Did you know that so many of our people volunteer in multiple places? We have blood and plasma donors, volunteers at hospitals, schools, Pro Deo, Powell Gardens, on city committees, home owners’ associations, and dog rescuers – just to name a few. People donate to multiple places their resource, time and talent.

And that does not include those volunteering at the Chapel. Right now, as I write this, some men are repairing, painting, and taking down the Christmas stable – they put it up, too. People have painted, cleaned, planted flowers, taught classes, decorated, helped in the office, repaired multiple things, led and served on committees, sang, played, made visits, did laundry, trimmed bushes, took pictures, cooked dug weeds and visited people – just to name a few things.

I have come to expect, and perhaps you have too, that if something really needs to be done, someone will step up to help, and I appreciate the willingness of people to serve at the Chapel. Most of my life, I have understood that God calls us to be partners with God – adult children and not infants needing constant care. Yes, sometimes we are recipients of God’s help and grace AND we are also called to serve and share God’s grace and hope and joy, too.

Focusing on joy has been a gift to me personally so far this season of Lent. How is joy showing up for you?

Planting Seeds of Joy with You,

Pastor Donna

  • Sit and remember with God times of struggle in your life that have been accompanied with or followed by joy. How is remembering these times helpful to you in present moments of challenges?
  • Read Mark 8:31-38