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  • How will you lift up your hands to God this week?
  • Read I Timothy 6: 6-19  

A message from Pastor Donna

Dear Friends of Longview Chapel,

When I was young, one of the things I loved to do was sit by my mom and hold her hands. I noticed how her veins stood out on the back of her hands and I’d trace them. I loved to play with her wedding and engagement rings and turn them on her finger. Today, I wear her engagement ring on my right hand, and it is a constant reminder of her presence with me and her love that held on like a fierce mama bear at times.

Remembering the people we love, and remembering God who we love and serve is a blessing and a guiding hand to us as we seek to live faithfully. We worship, we serve, we learn together to build up our memory banks so that in times of transition and challenges, we have the tools we need to be faithful. In times of joy and celebration, we have even more good news to celebrate! More than one prisoner in dire situations has commented on how remembering scriptures or hymns gave them the courage to face each day with faith and helped them to keep on keeping on.

How full are our memory banks with the wonders and deeds of God? Let’s keep filling our memory tanks together as we continue to seek to be a faithful part of the Body of Christ.

Psalm 77:11 KJV  I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember thy wonders of old.

Pastor Donna