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  • Talk with God about your story. What are some of the most significant parts so far? Is there any pruning God is doing with you?
  • Read Luke 1:26-38

A message from Pastor Donna

Hello Chapel Friends,

What are the stories you remember most about Advent and Christmas? How do those memories, perhaps even ones passed down from generation to generation bring you closer to Christ?

For me, one of my memories is being in the pew with Mom and Dad and my three siblings on Christmas Eve. The service always began at 11 p.m. That was pretty late for me, but I was still wide awake. I remember hearing my mom’s alto voice and my dad’s bass, singing out the Christmas carols. I remember the readings that told the story of Jesus’ birth and I remember the old handmade manger up front.

Most of all, I remember taking communion together as we shared those moments of silence and awe with other worshipers. Then we all lit our candles and headed out to the front steps of the church – no matter how cold or snowy it was. And we sang “Silent Night.” As we sang, I remember feeling how peaceful the world was at midnight. I remember the faces of people singing. They were filled with hope, joy and love as we sang. I remember…

This Advent we will be remembering and telling the stories surrounding Jesus’ birth. For me, one of the most important parts of that story is God’s willingness to share our humanness with us – not as royalty or the privileged of the world, but as a helpless baby of two people who were not powerful or wealthy in the eyes of the world. Immanuel – God is with us – the gift of the baby Jesus is always here to remind us of God’s presence now and always.

How will you remember and celebrate the gift of Jesus this Advent season?