Longview Chapel Christian Church grew from the faith and vision of Mr. R.A. Long Sr., a life-long member of the Disciples of Christ. He believed it was his responsibility as a Christian steward to provide a living wage for his farm workers, as well as to provide them with a place to live, worship and learn. His giving was a part of his commitment and gratitude to God for all he had received.

In 1915, the building was completed with the front being the Chapel, the back being the schoolhouse and the basement being a fellowship room and kitchen, complete with a stage and baptistry. A beautiful bell was included in the tower that called people to worship and still does so today. The Chapel was not only a place of worship and learning, but it became, and still is, a place for social gatherings. Early on, a movie projector was installed, and weekly movies were shown in the basement fellowship hall. Teas, lectures, book reviews, skits, and plays all took place there.

Mr. Long’s daughter, Loula Long Combs, became the heart and soul of the Chapel when her father passed away. Generations have worked together to continue the incredible stewardship and care for others that Mr. Long practiced.

The Chapel continues to carry on R.A. Long’s legacy of loving, growing and serving together and seeks to be a place where all types of people can come together and seek God and God’s desires together.

To learn more about R.A. Long and his legacy, please visit the R.A. Long Historical Society’s website: