Weddings at the Chapel

Setting and architecture have long made the Chapel a popular site for weddings.   The exterior and Sanctuary have offered a beautiful backdrop for couples entering God's sacred Covenant of Marriage since 1915.   As a place of worship, the Chapel provides the solemnity and sense of the Holy that should be present in the marriage ceremony.

 If you are interested in having your wedding at the Chapel we would be happy to assist you.  Please click on an area of interest below for information regarding weddings at the Chapel.  Should any question remain after viewing this material, please feel free contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

 Seating Capacity

Our Chapel was built in 1915 as a school and church for the residents who worked and lived at Longview Farm.   The school area has been converted into offices but the Sanctuary remains much the same as it was in 1915.  The Sanctuary's size is both a liability and a blessing.  It will seat comfortably a MAXIMUM of 120 GUESTS, which eliminates larger weddings but provides a very pleasant and intimate atmosphere for the small to average sized wedding.   There is a small Nave or Narthex in the rear of the Sanctuary that will accommodate a guest registration area.
There are three basic challenges to our Sanctuary: contact us to ensure the building will be open.


We do not have a center aisle.  Our Sanctuary is divided into three sections with two inside and two outside aisles. Traditionally the wedding party enters down one aisle and exits out the other.


Our Narthex at the rear of the Sanctuary is not accessible from the inside.  The bridal party must exit the building  through the Nursery and follow the sidewalk to the Narthex.  This is only a problem in severe weather.


The Chancel area is also small.  Wedding parties of more than eight people, including Bride and Groom will find the Chancel area limiting.   We recommend a visit to the Chapel before making your decision.  We are happy to show people around.

We welcome and encourage visitors to come and see the Chapel before making any decision.   The Chapel is open from 9:00 a.m. to Noon Monday through Friday and in the afternoon by appointment.

 Wedding Package

When booking a wedding at the Chapel the following is included
Use of the building for 4 hours on the day of the wedding.
Use of the building for 1 ┬Ż hours for a rehearsal.
Pastoral leadership is required and included.

Use of the following Sanctuary items
Communion Table with or without cross and two Christ Candles.  White "Altar Cloth" on table.
Two seven-candle candelabras w/ oil filled candles
Two acolytes for candle lighters
Use of piano (Does not include pianist)
Use of Sound System (Does not include operator)
1 Lapel and 1 Wireless mic available
Use of Dressing area for Bridal party and Groomsmen

Our Sanctuary is wheelchair accessible but wheelchairs are  limited to front rows of Sanctuary because of narrow aisles.


No decorations are provided for a wedding. If a party wishes, they may use the seasonal flower arrangements already in the Sanctuary. Those wishing to decorate the Sanctuary must uphold the following guidelines.

Decorations are allowed on pews and candelabras as long as attachment material does not scratch or damage.

Two ceramic and two wooden stands are available for flowers.

All seasonal worship decorations will be removed from the Chancel area.

Exception: During the Advent / Christmas season the Sanctuary decorations must be left in place; only Chancel decorations will be removed if desired.

12 Wooden antique aisle candleholders w/ candles are available for an additional $25 charge. This charge must be paid at time of booking.

If a professional florist is used, arrangements for delivery must be made at least 24 hours in advance with the church office. Deliveries must be made during normal office hours (9:00 a.m. to Noon) or at some agreed upon time. A designated person must be present to receive order and make sure all is in accord with the bride's wishes. All equipment and decorations that are not the property of the Chapel must be removed from the building immediately following the service

 Wedding Fees

$700.00 This fee covers all the items listed in "Wedding Package".  The following is required at the time of booking:

Standard Wedding
Deposit: A $100, nonrefundable, deposit is required to secure and hold your wedding date. This is deposited immediately.

Balance Due: A second check of $600 is held until one month before wedding date. This amount is refunded if wedding is canceled 30 days before wedding date.

Optional Wedding:
Sometimes very small and informal weddings are requested. These are accommodated at reduced fees but only by special request. Should such a service be desired please contact the Chapel office and make arrangements to speak with the minister, All optional weddings MUST be performed by Longview Chapel ministerial staff

 Musical Accompanist and Equipment

The wedding package includes use of the following equipment but NOT the musician or technician to operate them.

These services can be provided by the wedding couple or the church can recommend persons to fill this need. The following equipment is available:

Roland KR-375 digital piano
Wireless lapel & hand held mic
Other wired mics with boom stands are available
Four music stands are available
CD player into sound system for recorded music

 Pastorial Leadership


Meet with couple a few months before the wedding for a get acquainted time and to discuss the format of service. Couple has input in the make-up of their wedding service. Minister will insure couple has not overlooked important aspects of the service.



If couple desires, minister offers a three-hour session that revolves around a "Personality Profile" based on the Meyers-Briggs test. This session is optional. Pastor will be happy to explain this session further if interested.

A final meeting a week or so before the wedding to review plans and make any last minute adjustments.


The wedding package does include the services of the Chapel Minister. 

 Wedding Monitor


 Reception Facitilities and Fees

In 2001, Longview Chapel completed an addition to the Chapel that included "Long Hall", a 23 ft. by 51 ft. meeting area. The Hall will seat 80 people with a buffet serving table. The following equipment is provided when Hall is rented. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about receptions

 Twelve 8ft. tables.
Seven 6ft. tables.
Two 4ft. tables.
-Eighty padded chairs

The adjoining kitchen may be used for serving of food but NOT for meal preparation. Kitchen equipment and supplies may NOT be used without permission. Kitchen must be left clean and neat.

FEE for the use of Long Hall is $400, which must be paid at time of booking. A $200 fee will be charged in the event of cancellation. The Fee also covers the cost of custodial, set up and take down of tables and chairs, emptying of trash, and the monitoring of the building during the reception. Custodian is not responsible for the taking down of decorations or the cleaning off of tables. Rental fee covers Three-Hours of Hall use.

As with weddings, NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the building or on the grounds and SMOKING is ONLY allowed in the parking lot area.

Miscellaneous Items of Importance No alcohol is allowed in the church building or on the church grounds at any time. Smoking is ONLY allowed in the parking lot, away from the church building. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to make these rules known to all members of the wedding party.

Smoke-Free & Alcohol Free:

Rice & Birdseed Prohibited: Only bubbles or live flower petals may be used to anoint the bride and groom following the service.

Not Responsible For: Personal valuables or belongings of wedding party or guests. Leave all valuable belongings and gifts in the care of family members or friends during the service. The church is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Marriage License: Must be secured by the bride and groom from the state in which your marriage is to be performed. It MUST be secured at least three days before the ceremony. The license should be brought to the rehearsal and given to the minister presiding over the service. In Missouri the Minister must complete the license and return it to the state.