Sometimes my dad used to say he’d make a great king. He was mostly kidding, but another part of him felt like there were some things that just needed to be cleaned up in our world in a no-nonsense manner. Have you ever wished you were a king or a queen?

This week we focus on 1 and 2 Samuel. Initially the people of Israel had only God as their king and human judges to help lead the people to follow God’s ways. But they kept begging for an earthly king to lead them. They wanted to be like other countries. God finally granted them a king. The first king was King Saul, and the second one, King David. This was a huge shift, one that the priest and judge Samuel helped to usher in. Through Samuel, God reminded the people that an earthly king would not only give them security but would also have control over them to tax them, to send them to battle and much more. God was not at all happy about the new arrangement.

Why did the people seek an earthly king? Certainly, some of what the people wanted was a stronger sense of security – a visual person they could see. Perhaps they wanted other countries to see them as a “real” country, not just a bunch of people banded temporarily together. I imagine there were various other reasons people wanted a king.

Sometimes we want and even long for a sense of security too. So much of life is transitioning and to feel like something is in order, even controllable, can be alluring. The struggle with that desire for security is that it sometimes leads us away from God and God’s ways. It can even miss opportunities God has right in front of us.

As we continue in our study of the Bible, let’s keep looking for ways the stories of the Israelites continue thousands of years later to shed a light on our stories too.


Loving Growing and Serving with You,

Pastor Donna


Home Opportunities for the week of January 19, 2020:

Of all the characters in Ruth, who would you like to have lunch with? What would you want to talk about?

Ruth has a level of trust in God that guides her through many difficult days. Prayerfully consider where you find it easy to trust God and where you are struggling to trust God. Ask God for help in areas where you need it and  celebrate the ways trusting in God comes readily to you.

Read 1 and 2 Samuel for next week’s sermon.  The focus scripture will be 2 Samuel 22.


Scripture for Sunday, January 26, 2020:

II Samuel 22:1-3a, 26-29, 47