When I was in first grade, my parents put me in a swimming class. I was small for my age and not very good at most athletic things. No matter how I tried to follow the instructor’s guidance, I kept sinking. The only way I could stay above water was to do a kind of odd flapping of all of my limbs. I definitely did not master any of the strokes.


Then I was sick and missed one class. The next class I came back all the other students were super excited. Today was the day we got to jump off the diving boards. I was not thrilled to say the least. However, I was never one to walk away from a challenge either, so I encouraged myself and got at the end of the line and watched. Each student jumped from the low board and swam to the side. Easy, so it looked. I was shaking by this point – it was cold I’m sure. But I got on that board and I jumped. The water went over me and I felt like I would never get to the top. When I did I latched onto the first thing I could – my instructor, who was treading water and watching us. She spoke calmly to me. I’m sure looking back I about drowned us both. But then she pointed me to the side and pushed me towards it. I made it! (I guess you knew that since I am still alive today.)


All of us have known our share of deep waters. We, just like the Israelites, do not enter those deep waters alone. The Holy Spirit is there for us, lifting us, guiding us, giving us the push we need to find our way to the side. Not just any side, but a side where God is leading us. Who knows who we might help find the shore too?


Whatever waters you are in this week, may you feel God’s presence very close to you.


I am looking forward to “diving in” to Isaiah with you this Sunday. Kory will be lowering the digital level this week so we should not have the starting and stopping in the recording. Weren’t the sound and images wonderful??? We have much to learn and explore about possibilities. Many thanks to Kory Dickman for diving into the deep waters of technology so we can worship online together and to our Board for allocating memorial funds to support these updates.


Abundant Blessings to You,


Pastor Donna




Home Opportunities for the week of May 31, 2020


  • Think about or talk with someone else about where and how you have seen the Spirit of God move in your life.
  • If you had been there the first Pentecost, where do you imagine  you would have been -- in the crowd, watching, listening, speaking the Good news? How is this similar to how you are today when the Spirit is being shared?
  • Read Isaiah.



Scripture for Sunday, June 7, 2020:

Isaiah 41:8-10