Happy week before Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving falls pretty late this year, so it’s been good to stretch out our thankfulness.

One of the things I am thankful for is the children and youth at Longview Chapel. When a child comes here, he or she is quickly known by name, engaged in age appropriate activities and soon given the opportunity to help lead worship, sing, play an instrument, light candles or participate in a variety of events. Children and youth grow and change a LOT faster than adults do. It amazes me as I hear some of their thoughts or see their art or writings.

One of the things Amy Beckett, our Youth Director, and Melissa Hill, our Children’s Director have done, is created a bulletin board right next to the office with information about upcoming events and some of the thoughts and work of our children and youth. I hope you take a few minutes to look at the Board. It changes every month or so, so be sure to take a peak at various times during the year.

Our children each listed 25 things they are thankful for as a part of their Sunday School class. As I read over them, I found myself smiling and giving thanks too.

How about you? How quickly can you list 25 things you are thankful for today?

Giving thanks for each of you and looking forward to seeing you in worship this Sunday!



Pastor Donna 😉


Home Opportunities for the week of November 17, 2019:


Remember some of the ways God has touched your life? Give thanks to God and possibly share your experience of God with someone else.

Sing a song to God or maybe even dance to God. Or if you  prefer, write a love note to God from you.



Scripture for November 24, 2019:

  Luke 17:11-19