How’s your heart doing? Is it full, crowded, burdened, lifted or a combination of several things?

Just like we do spring cleaning at the church, and around our houses, we need to periodically do a cleaning of our hearts. It helps tremendously if we invite God to be part of that cleaning and straightening. Sometimes we just are not ready to release some of our familiar stuff, and that’s when God’s gentle but clear nudging can be a huge help! In the book of Ezra, God did some amazing heart cleaning, moving and stirring. People who were quite comfortable right where they were made huge sacrifices and changes to pursue God’s desires for them.

This Sunday we will be studying Nehemiah. Ezra arrived in Jerusalem before Nehemiah. Ezra focused primarily on rebuilding the temple and the religious community and Nehemiah focused on rebuilding the city wall and creating both a government and social order that was based on faith in God. He and Ezra helped to guide the people and teach them God’s ways as they lived and worshipped together.

Take some time this week and give Nehemiah a read. Notice how fasting, praying and acting all come together to make big changes in the lives of the people of Jerusalem. It couldn’t have happened without God stirring people’s hearts and those people being willing to take real sacrificial action.

What is God stirring our hearts to do this week?

See you Sunday – worship is not the same without YOU in it!

Pastor Donna




Home Opportunities for the week of February 16, 2020:

Have you ever held a position, perhaps even very   strongly, and found God “moving your heart” to change your stance? How did you know God was moving you? Did you resist changing? How did it feel to you once you lived into your new position?

What is God asking you to release in your life? Is there anything keeping you from focusing on God?

Read Nehemiah.




Scripture for Sunday, February 23, 2020:

Nehemiah 1:4-11