Dear Friends,


It's been more than a long year as we have navigated COVID guidelines together, doing our best to listen to facts and be welcoming to those who are most vulnerable, as well as keep everyone safe. Thank you, for the adjustments you have made and for negotiating the ups and downs. Loving our neighbor and ourselves has always been a key factor in the Covid Guidelines we have followed.


As you know, Jackson County eased restrictions last Friday. Our Reopening Team met May 3, to review the changes and consider how they apply to Chapel events. These are going into effect immediately, however the Board will be reviewing this at the May 19 meeting and making any additional changes. This will also give us a couple of weeks to see how these changes work for all of us. In our Reopening Team's conversation was an emphasis on being a welcoming home where people feel safe.


Please review these and let Kami Thomas, Chuck Masoner or Pastor Donna know if you have questions or concerns.


We will continue our online worship opportunity for those of you who prefer to worship online at this time. However you choose to worship, we look forward to sharing worship with you.


Remember who you are and Whose you are,


Pastor Donna



New COVID Guidelines for the Chapel


Indoors -

  • For live streaming worship we will not be taking temperatures or preregistering. We will continue to wear masks and social distance at all times. Attendance has been small at this service but if it rises to the point of affecting the ability to social distance safely, we will revisit.
  • For all other meetings and events, masks and social distancing will be required.
  • For small groups (under 7) meeting privately, with doors closed, IF all agree and IF all have been vaccinated, masks may be removed. We will always defer to those who have health concerns and wear masks if anyone prefers we do so.


Outdoors -

  • Masks will be worn as people are coming into the worship or other gathering space until seated.
  • Masks may be removed after being seated. Please put up your mask while singing.
  • Social distancing will be encouraged at all times.


Please help us love our neighbor by keeping each other safe and creating a welcoming home. Thank you for your help throughout this year to find our path together!



Home Opportunities for the week of

May 2, 2021:


  • Breathe in and out deeply and sit quietly for 5 or more minutes. Feel God's presence within and around you. How does that Presence increase and guide our freedom?
  • Use your freedom, to invite a woman who has mothered you in the faith to attend worship with you next Sunday. All women will receive a gift from our Men's Group.
  • Read Ephesians or Ephesians 3:14-21.


Scripture for May 2, 2021:

Ephesians 3:14-21