Dear Friends,

As I work on some of those last things I want to be sure are covered before I head for vacation, I am finding my Spirit settling in peace in the Chapel.  I missed our outdoor worship time together, but was grateful for some conversations with several of you and a person in our neighborhood.  No matter how long I am in ministry, I will always be blessed by hearing the stories of your spiritual lives and praying with you.  There is no greater thing I get to do in ministry than walking and praying with you in sacred space.


As I talk with you, I am always reminded how good God is to meet us right where we are. God uses words and experiences to guide us to God and to show us the way to love, grow and serve. For that, I am also grateful and hopeful.


Just as God reaches out to us in a variety of ways – scripture, nature, people, poems…as a congregation, we have to reach out in multiple ways to meet people where they are too.  Each way has a purpose and a hope behind it.  None will reach everyone. For today, I want to clarify how our Facebook pages and groups work.  We have three separate Facebook presences and each has a specific purpose.


Longview Chapel Christian Church (page) - has events and info on schedules. That's where I posted about cancelling service this morning. Anyone can view this page that has Facebook. It is great when people "like" the page and things posted on it as this increases our visibility.


Longview Chapel Christian Church Group - this Group you must ask to be a part of and it includes more intimate prayer requests and information that we don't necessarily want shared with everyone in the public. Sometimes people are sharing blessings or encouraging photos or info too. Right now I am the only one authorizing new members to the group. If you want to join, or know someone who does, please let them know that after Monday, it may not be until the 19th that I view their request on Facebook during my vacation, so to please be patient.


We also have a page for Longview Chapel Youth and Children for their info and events.


Hope this helps clarify a bit.  I’ll be listening for God as we vacation together, and I pray you will be listening too, in the midst of what you are doing.


Blessings in your week, friends.


Pastor Donna



Home Opportunities for the week of October 18, 2020


  • How does your giving and Longview Chapel's giving help to keep you hopeful?
  • Read Isaiah 58:1-9a.


Scripture for Sunday, October 25, 2020:

Isaiah 58:1-9a