What an awesome Easter Sunday it was! God’s Spirit of resurrection was everywhere as we celebrated our Christ together. If you volunteered as part of the welcoming team – thank you! If you volunteered on the worship team – thank you! If you invited a friend – thank you! If you helped work in the yard – thank you! If you gave offerings so we could be a witness in Lee’s Summit – thank you! If you welcomed our visitors and children and youth – thank you! Over 100 people worshipped outside (and some from their balconies across the street too), because of your gifts of time and talent. I think God knew we all needed an extra awesome Resurrection Sunday!


One person said, “We think every Sunday should be Easter Sunday!” Sounds good to me. It looks like this coming Sunday is going to be another beautiful one. Plan now to come and invite a friend. If you can, bring a chair (some will also be provided) and please wear a mask (some will also be available). Let’s make the Sunday after Easter a real celebration too!


After all every morning is Easter morning thanks to our risen Lord.

Seeking justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God with you in 2021,


Pastor Donna



Home Opportunities for the week of

April 4, 2021:


  • Spend time in prayer thanking Christ for who he is and what he has done in your life and in the world.
  • Celebrate Christ's resurrection by bringing love, life, hope, peace or opportunity to someone you meet this week.
  • Read II Corinthians as we return to studying the 66 books of the Bible. Focus is 5:7.


Scripture for April 4, 2021:

Luke 24:1-12