Hello to each of you, 

I am back and my soul is well! Thank you for the gift of time for study, reflection, rest, and fun!


One of the things I realized while people watching in the airport was how different each of us responds to the challenges life gives to us. For some, waiting in line made them anxious and nervous. For others, it created an opportunity to be rude by cutting in front of others. Then there were the fumers; you know, the people who stew and fume and you can almost see steam rising from their heads. Still others, chose to be kind, to help someone with luggage or share a funny story. What a difference people’s attitude and character made in their responses.

One of the things we discussed in class was something Brene Brown writes about, “Do you believe people are doing the best they can do in the moment?” For Brene, the answer to this is yes. She says she believes this for others and even more so for herself, so she can choose how to feel and respond to others.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I admit, I have not always felt people are doing the best they can do. However, as I thought and prayed on this, my mind is slowly changing. None of us will ever fully understand why someone feels or acts as they do; only they know this. If I believe they are doing their current best, then perhaps what they need is acceptance, resources, or someone to listen, not my judgment and frustration.


Hmm…that thought leads me to Jesus. He is so VERY clear that we should not judge others. Who, more than Jesus, had to be disappointed and even frustrated when people did not do what he knew God wanted? Still, he would talk with anyone willing to talk, he would heal anyone wanting healing, he would listen and teach and did not give up. He was clear that he died for everyone – not just those who were easy to love.


Jesus understood that when I/we stand in judgment of others, we are also making a judgment that sits in our hearts and changes us – judges us too.


´╗┐Matthew 7:1 – Judge not that you are not judged.


Looking forward to seeing you!

Pastor Donna

Home Opportunites

  • How have you experienced God's Spirit strengthening you for the journey?
  • Where are you needing strength now?
  • Read Galatians 5: 1, 13-25 for this Sunday