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The first stained glass windows to be donated to the church are the small round windows located at the top of the walls in the sanctuary

In Honor of Earl W. Yuille -    faith-filled dedicated servant of Longview Chapel

 Donated by his loving wife, Ida, and his children, Jay and Janey, and a host of friends.

Alpha and Omega

Revelations 22:13 "I am the Begining and the End . . the first and the last . . "

In Honor of Patron Saints of Longview Chapel - Past, Present and Future . .

Donated by Jim and Mary Ann Harler, dedicated servants at Longview Chapel

Jesus in the Temple at Age 12

Luke 2:46-47  Jesus listened to the Jewish teachers and asked questions of them.  All who heard Jesus were amazed at his intelligent answers.

In Honor of Stan and Kathy Koplik Family - Stan wanted to honor Kathy's faith .  He was so pleased to have thought of the "perfect gift".  He hoped to visit in the spring of 2000 to see it, but before the windows were completed, Stan died unexpectedly.  The window honors his Jewish heritage, and both Stan and Kathy's deep appreciation for education

Donated by Stan as a Christmas gift to his wife, Kathy

The Good Shepherd

John 10:14 Jsus loves and knows his flock by name and watches over us

In Honor of Robert Brent Thompson - a young man who died in his prime.  The Chapel was chosen for his memorial service and this window represents his love for animals . . his joy in living life . . especially out of doors.

  Donated by his parents, Ken and Bernadine Thompson, his siblings - Karen, Brenda, K.C., and Jennifer

 The Healing Ministry

Luke 8:54 - Jesus takes us by the hand and says, "Get up child and walk" . .  Healing power flows constantly in and through us

In Honor of Robert E. Martin - a beloved and faithful patriarch of Longview Chapel who died in his prime.  Bob was one who believed strongly in the power of prayer, as his parents instilled in him this truth at an early age.

 Donated by his beloved wife, Barbara, and his children, Julie and Guy,, and a host of friends

Ten Commandments

Exodus 20: 1-17 - God gives us a code of ehtics by which we are to live

In Honor of Roy and Phyllis Buell - Roy was once the Longview Farm Manager and Phyllis was a long time member who dearly loved the Chapel.

Donated by the families of Jerry and Glen Buell, their sons..

Noah's Ark

Genesis 6:14, 8:8 - 11 - Life can be stormy yet God gives directions and guidance to bring us to solid ground .

In Honor of Georgiana Graham - Georgiana was a petite giant of faith who had a deep love for children of the Chapel and one who had such a gentle attitude toward everyone

Donated by her family.

Holy Baptism

Luke 3: 21-22  Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit came upon him in the form of a dove and a voice called out, "you are my own dear Son with whom I am pleased."

In Honor of Burt and Eleanor Dedmon - The beloved sister and brother-in-law of Ralph Waner

Donated by Ralph and Joanne Waner

The Nativity

Luke 2:16  God blessed us with the birth of Jesus . . one whose humble begining took place in a stable as there was no room in the inn.

In Honor of Linda Lindell - Linda had amazing inner strength, yet was ever so gentle and caring.  She so enjoyed the prayerful space the Chapel provided.  It was here she found comfort and encouragement

Donated by family and friends

Jesus Knocking at the Door

Revelations 3:20 - Listen for my knock and when you hear it, open it and I will come to your is a promise Jesus makes . . 

In Honor of Mary Kathryn Posegate Keeler - The mother of Jan Keeler, former minister.  The Postgate side represents Jan's beloved grandparents, whom she called Gammie and Gampie

 Donated by G.J. Keeler, Jan's father.

Blessing of the Children

Matthew 19:14 - Jesus always made time for the children and gathered them around him, reminding us that if we were to enter the kingdom of heaven, we are to become like them . .

In Honor of Bradford Leigh Keeler - The infant brother  of Jan Keeler, former minister, who died when he was 3 months old

  Donated by Nellis Murphy Keeler, wife of Jan's father.

Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 5:7 - Jesus loved us enough to teach us who he was and what he was about as God's Son

In Honor of A.J. Scherer family - especially of Laura and Anna who donated much time in teaching the children in the church in its early years.  Anna's passion was to know the children by name and she expected everyone to do likewise.

 The Ascension

Mark 16:19 - Jesus is taken to heaven to sit at the right side of God . . 

In Honor of Charles L. Johnson - a willing and smiling servant who always had his hand extended in welcome to any who entered the church - a faithful believer who knew that God walked with him

 Donated by his devoted wife, Jo, and their family and friends

 The Lord's Supper

Mark 14:22-25 - In rememberance of Jesus dying for us and rising to new life, we eat of the bread - symbolic of his broken body, and drink of the cup - symbolic of his spilled blood, and are fed and nourished and empowered to go and make disciples of all nations as Jesus commanded.

In Honor of Paul and Bernadine Basinger, and Carl and Alis Bunn -   parents of Steve and Bonnie Basinger, willing servants of Longview Chapel

  Donated by Steve and Bonnie and their daughters, Becky and Molly

Garden of Gethsemane

Mark 14:35 - Jesus prays in the Garden to help him accept God's will for his life .

In Honor of Vera Buckner Vince - who was known to those who knew her best as an inspirational listener and wise counselor

 Donated by her daughter and son-in-law, Eva and Andrew McCance, longtime members of Longview Chapel

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